Testimonial about A Pebble in the River

Ragnhild, a Danish artist and story-teller delivers this message/reflexion after she has read A Pebble in the River.

One of the things I really appreciate here in life is that I have learned how to read. Ever since since I was a child I have spent hours and hours and hours and hours with my books. I remember when I was 10 all the tears I shed reading about Uncle Tom; how could people be so cruel to each other?
Since then I have been to fantastic places - all over the world, in the sky, in the middle of the Earth. Scary places, fairy tale places, ordinary places, big cities, beautiful landscapes. I have met beautiful princesses, strong knights, hookers, happy people, sad people. Monsters of all kind. Heroes. Hardworking people. And I loved all these places and persons and monsters and trolls.
When I grew up I got the idea that the books I would read should be my possesion. So over the years I have bought many books.
Now a days I do not have that much money to spend so when I buy a book it has to something special.
Such a book landed in my mailbox a while ago. 
Now I have met Dada Akli - he is an old man living in Thardath in Kabyle (Algeria). He is a plain man, an honest man believing in the good. He has had a hard life, fighting for freedom, seeing people he loved being killed because of the greed for power. But still he has the ability to see the beaty in life. I like Dada Akli; sometimes I had to put the book away just to think about what I have been reading. This morning I reached the words: The end.
So I will say bye to Dada Akli. But I know I will pick that book up again.
The book is called A Pebble in the River and is written by the young Kabyle author Noufel Bouzeboudja.