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ALLEGORIA by Noufel Bouzeboudja wins award

Allegoria. Photo.
The cinematic poem ALLEGORIA, written by Noufel Bouzeboudja and directed by Nobilis Bellator, has received the award by Awardeo Company, which palmes the best movie of the week on the platform Vimeo.
Featured on several websites and broadcasted on the Spanish TV stations TVE 1 and TVE 2, Allegoria is a collaboration project realised by 5 international artists: Nobilis Bellator (Spain), Conrad Harvey (USA), Bamboocha (Serbia), Nenad Novaković (Serbia) and Noufel.
Noufel was an ICORN guest writer in Fanø, Denmark, and is currently living in Paris where he is directing a play in two languages Kabyle and French. He often goes to his homeland Kabylia (Algeria) where he performs his texts in festivals and public readings. Along with other social and cultural actors and university teachers, he has founded a poetry competition. This competition is planned to be annual and touring from a village to another. Noufel's wish is to efficiently share his experience in the international performing sphere with his fellow citizens. He still believes that the efficient struggle is among the civil society at a regular basis by implementing cultural projects able to stir up the debate for a true and successful change.
Living in Paris, he is also fully engaged in assisting in the preparations events for the ICORN General Assembly and 10 years anniversary.
Noufel's last book entitled: A Pebble in the River, published by Langaa Publishers in Cameroon and Oxford, calls for that kind of change. A change to get rid of backward ideologies, a change to embrace humanity, a change to focus on beauty and love. 

A Pebble in the River: